Bisses and hikes

The irrigation channels (bisses) are important witnesses of the Valaisan culture. Irrigating fields and vineyards since the 13th Century, these small canals run alongside slightly inclined paths, which are a delight for hikers.

  • Bisse de Clavau
  • Bisse de Lentine
  • Bisse de Montorge
  • Bisse de Salins
  • Bisse de Baar
  • Grand Bisse de Vex

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In the village of Ayent you can visit the Valais bisses museum:

The bisses of the Valais are the important witnesses of a history, a culture and a civilization. Dug in the ground, cut or suspended in the rock faces, they are the symbols of the Walliser struggle for the control of water.flyer_bisses_en_vi

Bisses were born from the peasant class willingness to escape the consequences of dryness and to be able to collect water in the rivers and torrents, to deviate them artificially on the slopes through the sides of the mountains and adapt the canals to the tormented relief and the type of ground, sometimes rocky, sometimes soft or crumbly.

The paths which go along the bisses have the advantage of being slightly inclined and to go through various sites. These paths, without any motorized traffic, make greatly appreciated excursions and allow to discover one of the most colourful aspects of Wallis.

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