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  • Virtual Reality Center

Virtual Reality Center

Discover the Virtual Reality Center in Sion, the very first in Switzerland to offer historical immersions and escape games in which you can all play together from the age of 12. The maximum capacity of our centre is over 30 people.

Experience adventures in total freedom and without physical discomfort, in spacious halls of over 150m2. Immerse yourself in a 3D reconstruction of 15th century Sion, a unique journey made entirely in Sion, guaranteeing an authentic Swiss Made experience. Join us for an unforgettable adventure, where history comes to life and puzzles are solved in teams of 2 to 9 people! You can take advantage of our large areas and our board games bar to continue enjoying your moment of conviviality. You'll leave impressed!

Info & booking: 

Price: from CHF 59.-/person

Contact: +41766751466

Instagram: @virtual_reality_center

Tiktok: @shineorfail

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